Fruit and Vegetables-Food for the Brain

Inevitable fruit - eat it every day

Food for the brain
When we talk about healthy diet usually focus on how this affects on the body and figure. Today we'll look at which foods are the best food for the brain and concentration.
Inevitable fruit - eat it every day.
Clear minds will preserve the diverse diet, with food presented below, but you can at the same time increase the concentration.
Cereals and fruit
Good circulation of blood in the body is important for all bodies, especially the brain and heart. Wholemeal food and avocados reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, as improve blood circulation, while acting as a fuel for the brain. If is a busy day in front of you, do not forget the fruit - Fructose is a good source of energy necessary for brain pressure. Eat bananas, oranges and avocados.
Among the fruit may be further exposed to blueberries because they contain a lot of glucose. This is made up of carbohydrates in the food for the brain cells. In addition to blueberries, eat other fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Fruit and Vegetables-Food for the Brain

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